ScopinichRe-typed and scanned short books on "Metromeccanica" by Franco Scopinich dakkar8 years
dotXCompose[no description]dakkar7 weeks
urxvtmy URXVT plugins dakkar2 months
emacsMy EMACS configuration dakkar2 months
dotfilessome dotfiles I use dakkar2 months
dotfiles_mrVCSH / MR dotfiles bootstrap repo dakkar16 months
fvwm-crystalMy fvwm-crystal configuration dakkar23 months
xf86-input-evdevPatches for the evdev driver dakkar7 months
yubico-yubiserve[no description]dakkar18 months
git-promptgit-prompt, with patches dakkar5 years
weave-minimalweave-minimal, with patches dakkar6 years
gitosis-dakkarSome improvement work on gitosis dakkar
gentoo-overlayA few ebuilds I wrote dakkar7 months
my-stuffMy stuff dakkar25 hours
misc-scripts[no description]dakkar2 months
keepon-eeg[no description]dakkar10 months
tf101-dvorak-keyboardAndroid files for physical Dvorak keyboard layout on Asus "Transformer" TF101 dakkar4 years
inventarioCarte per gestione inventario e incantesimi D&D dakkar6 years
skeinforge-settingsskeinforge settings for my MakerBot CupCake dakkar7 years
kana-trainSimple "flash-card" style learning program for kana dakkar8 years
better-keyboard-layoutSimple experiment in layout optimization dakkar8 years
tweet-archive[no description]dakkar3 weeks
hal-automountersimple UDisks-DBUS client that creates fstab entries for hot-plugged volumes dakkar5 weeks
Sietimaa minimal mailing list manager dakkar8 weeks
feederFeed aggregator that saves to maildir dakkar2 months
dzil-defaultscommon dist.ini for my projects dakkar4 months
Imager-QRCode-Fancy[no description]dakkar7 months
Data-QRCode[no description]dakkar7 months
Alien-QREncode[no description]dakkar7 months
IO-Async-PSGI[no description]dakkar7 months
HomePanel[no description]dakkar7 months
anidb-renamer[no description]dakkar7 months
metacpan-diff-feedGenerate Atom feeds of recent CPAN uploads, with Changelog diffs dakkar7 months
PPIx-XPathAllows XPath matching against PPI trees dakkar9 months
dobble[no description]dakkar10 months
ACME-AutoRedact[no description]dakkar13 months
battery[no description]dakkar16 months
config-clawsmail[no description]dakkar16 months
twitlist[no description]dakkar17 months
google-to-text[no description]dakkar19 months
WebCoso-p6[no description]dakkar20 months
oystersave oyster journeys from website to a db dakkar23 months
Tree-Template-DeclareModules to build trees, inspired by Template::Declare dakkar2 years
net-hawk[no description]dakkar2 years
TFLMonitorkeep tabs on the tube dakkar3 years
URLQueueHandy utility window to mail yourself a URL link dakkar4 years
MaildirIndexerAn automated system to put incoming e-mail messages in folders dakkar4 years
qr-builderSimple tool to layout a QR code with superimposed strings dakkar4 years
EnigmaticEmulator for the German WWII Enigma machine dakkar4 years
DeWeaveSimple Perl client to dump data from a Mozilla Sync account dakkar4 years