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mastersome feed updatesGianni Ceccarelli5 months
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2015-03-28some feed updatesHEADmasterGianni Ceccarelli
2015-03-28download OPML with proper UA, not libxml nanohttpGianni Ceccarelli
2014-09-23some feed updatesGianni Ceccarelli
2014-09-06feed cleanupGianni Ceccarelli
2014-06-21silence warns on 5.20dakkar
2014-06-21new feedsGianni Ceccarelli
2013-08-23follow CMGianni Ceccarelli
2013-07-31Crude fix to be more lenient in what we output.Max Maischein
2013-07-31Add Makefile.PL for convenient bundling of prerequisitesMax Maischein
2013-07-31Add `inline_images` setting to optionally inline images in the MIME objectMax Maischein