Diario - 22 July

spent the morning reading. Left at 11.15 am for the Uni, meeting of the A&M club. Nice room: communication centre, projectors on white screens, high res, nice stuff.

People: some of them had the typical otaku look. just 3 girls, two paired and another that sat on her own, secluded look.

tapes: those who hunt elves, last two episodes (nothing original, all already seen); slayers, two or three next eps and the first excellent OAV (best of the show); rayearth, some eps (bad! bad!); tenchi muyo in tokyo, TV series (not bad); elhazard (on par with pioneer productions, but not really exciting). They gave me a couple of addresses of shops in Wollongong (PhantomZone, crown st.) and Sydney (in the QVB! and I didn't notice yesterday!). will check. Maybe I'll go the next meeting in a fortnight. If I have nothing better to do!

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