Diario - 6 Aug

wake up early! Paul drove me to Sydney airport. He was going to... don't remember, actually. Domestic, anyway. I presented myself to the Emirates airline office (D.N.A. is right: you can't map an airport, had to ask for directions, just once only because there were arrows everywhere): I can carry two pieces of baggage (plus hand-baggage), total weight up to 28Kg. Discovered that they overbooked a bit: 202/183 in economy class. Must remember to confirm.

train to Sydney Central ($10! argh!). found the hostel, made reservation. It's quite distant from circular quay, but it's cheap. on my way to circular quay stopped at various shops, even closed ones. must return to: computer center (hay rd), and maybe dymocks (bought Stapledon, Heinlein, Adams, but the only copy they had of if the beginning was the command line was ruined). bought also an ilustbook, cowbow bebop chars.

found Dennys Opera Quay, have to buy ticket there; next time around.

caught train to wollongong. to note: australian trains have reversible seats; you can turn tha back of the seat upside-down, to make the seat face one way or the other. directions in the train station are (if possible) less in number and more obscure than at the airport, had to ask directions to find the tracks!

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