Diario - 10 Aug

wrote RMLP, seems to work in very simple conditions (costant output), but fail to converge on slightly harder ones (seq n-parity). no ideas.

finished hhgg (only thanks to invisiclues). looked for a useable mac in the uni, but the labs have all MacOS 9, with rather strict access privileges: you can't run your own apps!

talked with Ellen about it, she says that she can arrange something in her labs. will see.

talked with both about seeing the desert. Pauls told me about a train from Sydney to Broken Hill. looked it up on the net: $116 one-way, 40% discount for students (such as me), about 14h overnight. tomorrow I'll check with the railway people. maybe next weekend would be a nice time to do it.

tomorrow Ryota is leaving, to share a house with other students (at half the rate, but meals excluded), so we had a special dinner: beef strogonoff. And he had to read a story to the children. Paul said that I will, too.

pearl of the day: seen on ad on TV (don't remember if it was clothing or an hairdresser): for mens and womens

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