Diario - 15 Aug

no real work today, but added something to the Newton: Ethernet & NIE! Newtscape gave me some problems (probably because I already had tried the same version before...), but PT100 connected to telnetd right away. could not test really well, because the network at Uni must have fixed ARP on the routers or something. Now I just have to write a NewtDock client using AppleTalk over Ethernet... maybe later.

Installed also PocketQuicken, and wrote in it all my account history. Wonderful program.

sent letter to Fushigi Anime for vol.1,2,5 of KareKano sub. Let's hope the money will arrive without problems (it will be difficult to spot it, but one never knows)

the german guy asked for a eurocheque by mail, but: NAB doen't even know what a eurocheque is like, and he didn't give me his post address! wrote back asking it. will have dad make it and send it.

received airfare reimboursement. thursday will get 4 weeks payment. good!

sent postcards: $1 each stamp!

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