Diario - 21 Aug

Got up late, still sleepy from BH trip. Put clothes in the washing machine: must start to think about this week's permanence in Sydney.

Polished documentation (two thirds done); tomorrow morning will meet AhChung, he says to swap notes. Actually I have to understand who owns the code I've written, and convey the idea that I will not finish my work here in AU. This last one will be hard to explain, since he pays me to do that job.

Asked home to send cheque to german guy for flashram card. Let's hope.

Phoned Emirates: confirmation is not necessary, and I can have 2+1 pieces of baggage, totaling weight: 20(28)+6 Kg. This guy said 20, but the girl at the airport office said that it is actually 28. Will try to stay as low as possible (i.e. put all heavy things in hand bagagge)

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