Diario - 13 July

Answer found by the proven method don't ask, they'll tell you eventually: there has been an husband, but they got separated.

This morning Maryann drove me to the Uni. Met Gina Portscher, prof. Ah Chung Tsoi, his secretary Ann Do?son. Very nice people. Ah Chung and I talked about my ideas on RL and NN4S. Not sure he understood what I did not explain. Expectable, actually. I'm not that good at explaining. However, I met Markus, and obtained an account on one of the machines in his office. Net access is restricted, I'll have to apply for an account. Finnally caught up with e-mail: many people writing me, I'm happy!

Lunch at the Uni, with Markus and his girlfriend Mandy (from HongKong?); nacho chips with meat. they stayed on my stomach till night. Ugh.

In the afternoon, went shopping with them: bought a backpack ($5, only!) and an outlet adapter ($9.5, pricey!). Seen various shops. Got back home by bus. Recharge batteries, Newt is running out of juice! Dinner: didn't think I could eat, after those nachos. I did: steak, maybe a little too much cooked for my tastes, but I ate it anyway. To bed early, again.

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