Diario - 14 July

Back to the Uni: found an Anime&Manga club! I'll contact them via e-mail. Spoke to AhChung, this time I was able to really explain my ideas. Even found a possible example. Maybe I will really implement it.

Lunch with a chickenburger or similar. Have to try the oriental dishes, and maybe a kebab.

Finally my account is set up! I can access the web and have a @uow e-mail. Quickly make it forward to @sns, change procmail settings.

Random thoughts: there are really many smash repairs: they ought to have many accidents!

I've seen various churches, not even very distant from one another. And various ethnic types on the streets. Talk about multicultures.

On the return bus, they charged me half-fare. Maybe they thought that, since I was getting on at the Uni stop, I must be a student. Well, sort-of I am.

Dinner: thai food, quite spicy. Not bad, but I'm not going to eat it again soon.

To bed early, again. I think that all this talking and understanding english all day long is really tiring me.

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