Diario - 17 july

walked to the Uni. Not long, but winding and with lots of climbing. Needed the map, badly.

In Uni: started writing general graph/NN class framework, got to feed-forward; todo: backprop, and some way to keep pointers from going awry.

walked back home, in darkness. needed the map even more badly. hope I'll learn the way soon. Or find better ways.

First day of rain, mostly in the afternoon.

talked to Gina about checks, she says that they can give me also cache-checks, but I think it will be easier if I open a bank account. Talked to the bank, they only need my passport, and they'll open a savings account (no expenses, no advantages) and give a card (Bancomat-like). Then in September I'll transfer all of my funds to MPS in Italy.

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