Diario - 18 July

opened bank account, as tertiary student (i.e. Uni student). They'll mail me a FlexiCard in a week. Deposited 500$ cash.

Re-mailed D-S for having him go to CTS and fax me a receipt of my air ticket. Forgot he would be in France around July 17th. Mary sent a msg: they are married.

Wrote some more of my prg: now it calculates correctly feed-forward networks (probably under my general definition) and computes gradients (correctly, it seems).

I'll have to check with family about: packed lunch (they make it? have I to?), ironing (seen no iron in the house).

Oh, had a shower in the morning. The bathroom is quite dirty, as usual. Has very little usable surface. It's quita awkward holding all your thing on a child's chair...

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