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kanatrain.pl is a program to help memorize japanese phonetic characters, in particular hiragana (平仮名). It requires a Perl interpreter, version 5.6.0 or later (but it won't work with Perl 6) and a terminal capable of displaying glyphs specified with UTF-8.

The program contains two exercises: in the first one you're presented with a hiragana and you should write its pronounciation. To avoid ambiguities is best to write it after the Kunrei romanization (ち 'ti', し 'si', ぢ 'di') instead of the more common Hepburn (ち 'chi', し 'shi', ぢ 'ji'). If you make a mistake the correct pronounciation will be shown, along with the hiragana corresponding to the one you gave (if any).

In the second exercise you're presented with a pronunciation (written after the Kunrei system) and five different hiragana characters, where only one is the right one. You should write the number relative to the right one. If you make a mistake the correct hiragana will be shown, along with the pronunication of the one you chose.

To end each exercise just give an empty answer.

The source is a single file.

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