Rating: 2

Sometimes I think I'd like to see what goes on during the meetings in which distributors decide which series / movies to buy: «Oh, this one has naked girls, it will surely sell well». I suspect that nobody noticed the rest, though: the naked girls get beaten up, bloodied, dismembered (yes, several characters get their arms ripped off). This is soft-core gore porn, and I have to say "soft core" only because there's no penetration: there's several scenes of gratuitous full nudity. Oh, and if you thought that the girls got beaten up by the alien invaders, sorry to have mislead you: the girls fight each other, sometimes with the excuse of "training", more often simply to "put the other one in her place". Third-year students bullying first-years, fights to near-death out of jealousy… oh, and there's a half-incestuous underage rape back-story.

I suppose I may give a summary of the story. Interdimensional aliens invade Earth. Young girls with implants (which are clearly derived from the aliens, although the characters take most of the series to figure it out) get superpowers to fight the aliens, helped by younger boys. Girls and boys work in (usually) pairs. When their implants sync up (necessary to do battle), they say it feels like sex (just in case the metaphor was not clear enough). Good things the girls also get some kind of regeneration, otherwise they wouldn't survive the regular fights during school, let alone actual battles.

There's some vague plot about building better fighters, shadowy organisations… you know, the usual.

What really matters, though, is seeing the girls rip each other's clothes and limbs, copious amount of blood everywhere, games of domination and submission. There's even a case of mind control, to complete the fetish offering.

I'm quite surprised to learn that the director is WATANABE Takashi (渡 部 高志) who directed all the Slayers series and movies. On the other hand, he also directed Ikki Tousen

I frankly don't know how to conclude this review. Maybe I'll say to the distributors "please learn to recognise porn, and market it accordingly".

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