metacpan-diff-feedGenerate Atom feeds of recent CPAN uploads, with Changelog diffsdakkar14 months
misc-scripts[no description]dakkar3 months
mixed-serverUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.dakkar2 years
my-foxmarksA simple JS thing to display bookmarks synchronzied by FoxMarksdakkar13 years
my-stuffMy stuffdakkar38 hours
myProxyA filtering proxy using the same configuration as squid-adzap, but without squiddakkar10 years
MyShortenThe simplest URL shortener I could come up withdakkar11 years
net-hawk[no description]dakkar7 years
oystersave oyster journeys from website to a dbdakkar6 years
PPIx-XPathAllows XPath matching against PPI treesdakkar5 years
qr-builderSimple tool to layout a QR code with superimposed stringsdakkar9 years
raku-bohaUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.dakkar6 months
rtwatchUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.dakkar17 months
ScopinichRe-typed and scanned short books on "Metromeccanica" by Franco Scopinichdakkar13 years
Sietimaa minimal mailing list managerdakkar3 years
Simple-OpenIDa very simple OpenID providerdakkar12 years
sitemakeThe software previously used to generate www.thenautilus.netdakkar12 years
skeinforge-settingsskeinforge settings for my MakerBot CupCakedakkar11 years
tecniche-debugSlides of the "Debugging Techniques" talk (in Italian)dakkar13 years
Template-Plugin-ASCIITablePlug-in joinig Template Toolkit with Text::ASCIITabledakkar13 years
test2-plugin-subtest-namecoderefs[no description]dakkar
Text-Restructured-Writer-LibXMLA writer for Text::Restructured that returns a XML::LibXML::Documentdakkar12 years
tf101-dvorak-keyboardAndroid files for physical Dvorak keyboard layout on Asus "Transformer" TF101dakkar9 years
TFLMonitorkeep tabs on the tubedakkar7 years
thenautilusSource repository for my websitedakkar3 days
thermostat[no description]dakkar3 years
Thread-Queue-EventWrapper on Thread::Queue with hooks into event loopsdakkar12 years
Thread-TaskRe-implementation of the Padre Task API 2.0, stand-alonedakkar11 years
Tree-Template-DeclareModules to build trees, inspired by Template::Declaredakkar7 years
Tree-testsExample code to show off the Tree:: modulesdakkar13 years
Tree-Transform-XSLTishModules to transform trees, like XSLT but in Perldakkar11 years
tweet-archive[no description]dakkar7 months
twitlist[no description]dakkar6 years
Ultramarine[no description]dakkar4 years
URLQueueHandy utility window to mail yourself a URL linkdakkar9 years
urxvtmy URXVT pluginsdakkar14 months
weave-minimalweave-minimal, with patchesdakkar11 years
WebCosoMy ongoing attempt at a CMSdakkar2 years
WebCoso-p6[no description]dakkar6 years
xf86-input-evdevPatches for the evdev driverdakkar5 years
xscreensaver-dbusUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.dakkar7 months
yubico-yubiserve[no description]dakkar6 years