ACME-AutoRedact[no description]dakkar6 years
Alien-QREncode[no description]dakkar5 years
anidb-renamer[no description]dakkar5 years
battery[no description]dakkar6 years
color[no description]dakkar4 months
config-clawsmail[no description]dakkar4 years
dakkar-android-huawei-m5[no description]dakkar2 years
Data-QRCode[no description]dakkar5 years
DateTime-Format-GeekTime[no description]dakkar22 months
dobble[no description]dakkar5 years
dotXCompose[no description]dakkar6 months
Getopt-Dakkar[no description]dakkar3 years
gobbledegook[no description]dakkar4 years
google-to-text[no description]dakkar6 years
HomePanel[no description]dakkar18 months
Imager-QRCode-Fancy[no description]dakkar5 years
IO-Async-PSGI[no description]dakkar5 years
keepon-eeg[no description]dakkar5 years
misc-scripts[no description]dakkar7 weeks
net-hawk[no description]dakkar7 years
test2-plugin-subtest-namecoderefs[no description]dakkar
thermostat[no description]dakkar3 years
tweet-archive[no description]dakkar5 months
twitlist[no description]dakkar6 years
Ultramarine[no description]dakkar4 years
WebCoso-p6[no description]dakkar6 years
yubico-yubiserve[no description]dakkar6 years
gentoo-overlayA few ebuilds I wrotedakkar5 weeks
myProxyA filtering proxy using the same configuration as squid-adzap, but without squiddakkar10 years
Sietimaa minimal mailing list managerdakkar2 years
GtkPerlFileManagerA simple file manager, mostly for didactic purposesdakkar12 years
my-foxmarksA simple JS thing to display bookmarks synchronzied by FoxMarksdakkar13 years
Simple-OpenIDa very simple OpenID providerdakkar12 years
Text-Restructured-Writer-LibXMLA writer for Text::Restructured that returns a XML::LibXML::Documentdakkar12 years
PPIx-XPathAllows XPath matching against PPI treesdakkar5 years
MaildirIndexerAn automated system to put incoming e-mail messages in foldersdakkar3 years
tf101-dvorak-keyboardAndroid files for physical Dvorak keyboard layout on Asus "Transformer" TF101dakkar9 years
GraylisterAttempt at a qmail-smtp plug-in implementing graylistingdakkar13 years
inventarioCarte per gestione inventario e incantesimi D&Ddakkar4 years
BookmarksCatalyst app to keep bookmarks on the web (abandoned)dakkar13 years
IscrittiGroLUGCatalyst app to manage membership of a user group (abandoned)dakkar13 years
dzil-defaultscommon dist.ini for my projectsdakkar6 months
EnigmaticEmulator for the German WWII Enigma machinedakkar9 years
Tree-testsExample code to show off the Tree:: modulesdakkar13 years
dzil-boilerplateExperimental Dist::Zilla plugin to inject boilerplate code in modulesdakkar10 years
Class-XPathExperimental improvements to Class::XPathdakkar12 years
feederFeed aggregator that saves to maildirdakkar9 months
metacpan-diff-feedGenerate Atom feeds of recent CPAN uploads, with Changelog diffsdakkar12 months
git-promptgit-prompt, with patchesdakkar9 years
URLQueueHandy utility window to mail yourself a URL linkdakkar8 years