ACME-AutoRedact[no description]dakkar4 years
Alien-QREncode[no description]dakkar3 years
anidb-renamer[no description]dakkar3 years
battery[no description]dakkar4 years
best-practicesSlides of the "Perl Best Practices" talk (in Italian) dakkar11 years
better-keyboard-layoutSimple experiment in layout optimization dakkar10 years
BookmarksCatalyst app to keep bookmarks on the web (abandoned) dakkar11 years
broad_awayXChat Perl plug-in to sync your IRC away status to Pidgin dakkar10 years
Class-XPathExperimental improvements to Class::XPath dakkar11 years
color[no description]dakkar4 weeks
config-clawsmail[no description]dakkar24 months
dakkar-android-huawei-m5[no description]dakkar8 months
data-multivaluedstore tag- and range-dependant values in a scalar or Moose attribute dakkar7 years
Data-QRCode[no description]dakkar3 years
DateTime-Format-GeekTime[no description]dakkar3 weeks
DeWeaveSimple Perl client to dump data from a Mozilla Sync account dakkar7 years
dobble[no description]dakkar3 years
dotfilessome dotfiles I use dakkar12 months
dotfiles_mrVCSH / MR dotfiles bootstrap repo dakkar4 years
dotXCompose[no description]dakkar3 years
dzil-boilerplateExperimental Dist::Zilla plugin to inject boilerplate code in modules dakkar8 years
dzil-defaultscommon dist.ini for my projects dakkar18 months
emacsMy EMACS configuration dakkar3 weeks
EnigmaticEmulator for the German WWII Enigma machine dakkar7 years
fanotifyPerl interface to the Linux fanotify API dakkar7 years
feederFeed aggregator that saves to maildir dakkar8 weeks
fvwm-crystalMy fvwm-crystal configuration dakkar5 weeks
gentoo-overlayA few ebuilds I wrote dakkar11 days
Getopt-Dakkar[no description]dakkar18 months
git-promptgit-prompt, with patches dakkar8 years
gitosis-dakkarSome improvement work on gitosis dakkar
gobbledegook[no description]dakkar22 months
google-to-text[no description]dakkar4 years
GraylisterAttempt at a qmail-smtp plug-in implementing graylisting dakkar11 years
GtkPerlFileManagerA simple file manager, mostly for didactic purposes dakkar11 years
hal-automountersimple UDisks-DBUS client that creates fstab entries for hot-plugged volumes dakkar2 years
HomePanel[no description]dakkar3 years
Imager-QRCode-Fancy[no description]dakkar3 years
intro-perlSlides of the "Introduction to Perl" talk (in Italian) dakkar11 years
inventarioCarte per gestione inventario e incantesimi D&D dakkar2 years
IO-Async-PSGI[no description]dakkar3 years
IscrittiGroLUGCatalyst app to manage membership of a user group (abandoned) dakkar11 years
kana-trainSimple "flash-card" style learning program for kana dakkar10 years
keepon-eeg[no description]dakkar3 years
keyboardio-model01Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. dakkar2 months
MaildirIndexerAn automated system to put incoming e-mail messages in folders dakkar14 months
metacpan-diff-feedGenerate Atom feeds of recent CPAN uploads, with Changelog diffs dakkar8 weeks
misc-scripts[no description]dakkar6 months
mixed-serverUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. dakkar6 months
my-foxmarksA simple JS thing to display bookmarks synchronzied by FoxMarks dakkar11 years