ACME-AutoRedact[no description]dakkar8 years
Alien-QREncode[no description]dakkar7 years
anidb-renamer[no description]dakkar7 years
bash-object-systemUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. dakkar3 months
battery[no description]dakkar8 years
best-practicesSlides of the "Perl Best Practices" talk (in Italian) dakkar15 years
better-keyboard-layoutSimple experiment in layout optimization dakkar14 years
BookmarksCatalyst app to keep bookmarks on the web (abandoned) dakkar15 years
broad_awayXChat Perl plug-in to sync your IRC away status to Pidgin dakkar14 years
Class-XPathExperimental improvements to Class::XPath dakkar14 years
color[no description]dakkar3 months
config-clawsmail[no description]dakkar3 months
dakkar-android-huawei-m5[no description]dakkar5 years
data-multivaluedstore tag- and range-dependant values in a scalar or Moose attribute dakkar11 years
Data-QRCode[no description]dakkar7 years
DateTime-Format-GeekTime[no description]dakkar4 years
DeWeaveSimple Perl client to dump data from a Mozilla Sync account dakkar11 years
dobble[no description]dakkar7 years
dotfilessome dotfiles I use dakkar3 years
dotfiles_mrVCSH / MR dotfiles bootstrap repo dakkar3 years
dotXCompose[no description]dakkar24 months
dzil-boilerplateExperimental Dist::Zilla plugin to inject boilerplate code in modules dakkar12 years
dzil-defaultscommon dist.ini for my projects dakkar3 years
emacsMy EMACS configuration dakkar14 months
EnigmaticEmulator for the German WWII Enigma machine dakkar11 years
env-sensorUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. dakkar20 months
exampleUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. dakkar3 years
fanotifyPerl interface to the Linux fanotify API dakkar11 years
feederFeed aggregator that saves to maildir dakkar3 months
fvwm-crystalMy fvwm-crystal configuration dakkar9 weeks
gentoo-overlayA few ebuilds I wrote dakkar7 months
Getopt-Dakkar[no description]dakkar5 years
git-promptgit-prompt, with patches dakkar11 years
gitosis-dakkarSome improvement work on gitosis dakkar
gobbledegook[no description]dakkar6 years
google-to-text[no description]dakkar8 years
GraylisterAttempt at a qmail-smtp plug-in implementing graylisting dakkar15 years
GtkPerlFileManagerA simple file manager, mostly for didactic purposes dakkar15 years
hal-automountersimple UDisks-DBUS client that creates fstab entries for hot-plugged volumes dakkar3 years
HomePanel[no description]dakkar2 days
Imager-QRCode-Fancy[no description]dakkar7 years
impossible-objectsUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. dakkar4 years
intro-perlSlides of the "Introduction to Perl" talk (in Italian) dakkar15 years
inventarioCarte per gestione inventario e incantesimi D&D dakkar6 years
IO-Async-PSGI[no description]dakkar7 years
IscrittiGroLUGCatalyst app to manage membership of a user group (abandoned) dakkar15 years
kana-trainSimple "flash-card" style learning program for kana dakkar14 years
keepon-eeg[no description]dakkar7 years
keyboardio-model01Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. dakkar14 months
lego-pianoUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. dakkar3 years