feederFeed aggregator that saves to maildir dakkar3 months
fvwm-crystalMy fvwm-crystal configuration dakkar2 months
gentoo-overlayA few ebuilds I wrote dakkar7 weeks
git-promptgit-prompt, with patches dakkar8 years
gitosis-dakkarSome improvement work on gitosis dakkar
gobbledegook[no description]dakkar23 months
google-to-text[no description]dakkar4 years
hal-automountersimple UDisks-DBUS client that creates fstab entries for hot-plugged volumes dakkar2 years
impossible-objectsUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. dakkar3 days
intro-perlSlides of the "Introduction to Perl" talk (in Italian) dakkar11 years
inventarioCarte per gestione inventario e incantesimi D&D dakkar2 years
kana-trainSimple "flash-card" style learning program for kana dakkar11 years
keepon-eeg[no description]dakkar4 years
keyboardio-model01Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. dakkar3 months
metacpan-diff-feedGenerate Atom feeds of recent CPAN uploads, with Changelog diffs dakkar3 months
misc-scripts[no description]dakkar7 months
mixed-serverUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. dakkar7 months
my-foxmarksA simple JS thing to display bookmarks synchronzied by FoxMarks dakkar11 years
my-stuffMy stuff dakkar2 weeks
myProxyA filtering proxy using the same configuration as squid-adzap, but without squid...dakkar8 years
net-hawk[no description]dakkar5 years
oystersave oyster journeys from website to a db dakkar5 years
qr-builderSimple tool to layout a QR code with superimposed strings dakkar7 years
sitemakeThe software previously used to generate dakkar11 years
skeinforge-settingsskeinforge settings for my MakerBot CupCake dakkar9 years
tecniche-debugSlides of the "Debugging Techniques" talk (in Italian) dakkar11 years
test2-plugin-subtest-namecoderefs[no description]dakkar
tf101-dvorak-keyboardAndroid files for physical Dvorak keyboard layout on Asus "Transformer" TF101 dakkar7 years
thenautilusSource repository for my website dakkar3 weeks
thermostat[no description]dakkar11 months
tweet-archive[no description]dakkar20 months
twitlist[no description]dakkar4 years
urxvtmy URXVT plugins dakkar3 years
weave-minimalweave-minimal, with patches dakkar9 years
xf86-input-evdevPatches for the evdev driver dakkar3 years
yubico-yubiserve[no description]dakkar4 years