Dakkar's fvwm-crystal settings

Dakkar's fvwm-crystal settings

I use a 3840x2160 desktop (a 4k display), with a slightly modified version of the TopLine recipe. I also use a 5x5 pages virtual desktop, and a Dvorak keyboard with volume keys (mapped to the proper keycodes in X11). My desktop manager is ROX.

The recipe

The main differences from the stock TopLine are:

  • different desktop bindings
  • larger thumbnails
  • different behaviour of the edges
  • the pager (and my "biff" terminal) is raised above all other windows if I keep the mouse pointer on it long enough
  • no application button panel

The decoration

I have changed the MicroClear Default decoration to add a mini-icon as button 3.

The bindings

I redefined most keyboard bindings to my taste, overriding some of the default ones.

The styles and icons

I added some style declaration and icons for some applications (e.g. the windows created by xine-ui and xpad should be bare, and I added icons for xchat-2 and skype)

The functions

I tweaked a Perl script I found on the Web to create a menu for my screen sessions, see the Screen-Menu configuration file and the fvwm-screen.pl script.

In the Urgency-Hint file, I redefined the UrgencyFunc to pop up a notification via the dbus notification mechanism (using a simple Perl script which uses Net::DBus).