BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dakkarhonour `$PAGER`Gianni Ceccarelli2 years
masterfixed: filenames with special charsLeonid Volnitsky10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-07-08fixed: filenames with special charsHEADmasterLeonid Volnitsky
2012-07-07workaround for git status --porcelain quoting bugLeonid Volnitsky
2012-07-07do not display "=" before rawhex if there is freshness indicatorLeonid Volnitsky
2012-07-07substitute branch name "master" for "M" only if it starts with "master"Leonid Volnitsky
2012-07-07better UTF detectionLeonid Volnitsky
2012-07-06-- trailing white spaceLeonid Volnitsky
2012-07-06enable setting the xterm_label also in TERM=gnome-256colorLeonid Volnitsky
2012-07-06Fixing host color bug by replacing invalid bash variable characters with unde...dfalk
2012-07-06Merge pull request #18 from jeanparpaillon/masterLeonid Volnitsky
2012-07-06fixed: filesnames with spaces, quotes and other special charsLeonid Volnitsky