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* Improved handling of connection counts dealing with latent disconnects on sta...HEADmasterPaul Nettle2018-01-08
* Fixed a race condition while waiting for command responses from the HCI adapterPaul Nettle2017-10-12
* Improved threading support, cleaner initialization process and added the abil...Paul Nettle2017-10-02
* Added a threaded worker that listens for HCI events, resolving a number of pr...Paul Nettle2017-09-27
* The GGK server names are no longer in Globals.h but are now configured by ggk...Paul Nettle2017-09-03
* Cleaned up the logging a bit, improved server termination status returned fro...Paul Nettle2017-09-01
* Initial version 1.0Paul Nettle2017-08-25