Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* code-remap for 2.8.0code-remap-2.8.0Gianni Ceccarelli2013-03-26
* evdev 2.8.0xf86-input-evdev-2.8.0Peter Hutterer2013-03-26
* Return BadValue if EvdevOpenMTDev failsPeter Hutterer2013-02-12
* Make errors on EVIOCGBIT more obviousPeter Hutterer2013-02-12
* Always init axis mapping for the first two rel axes (#59784)Peter Hutterer2013-01-25
* Merge branch 'touch-axis-swap'Peter Hutterer2013-01-25
| * Handle axis swap, calibration, and inversion for touch events (#59340)Peter Hutterer2013-01-14
| * Move calibration adjustments to helper functionPeter Hutterer2013-01-14
| * Move valuator swapping into a helper functionPeter Hutterer2013-01-14
| * Localise tmp variablePeter Hutterer2013-01-14
* | Allow relative scroll valuators on absolute devices (#54387)Peter Hutterer2013-01-23
* | Split rel and abs axis mapping into two separate arraysPeter Hutterer2013-01-23
* | Move some stuff into the new alloc functionPeter Hutterer2013-01-23
* | Move allocation of EvdevRec into a helper functionPeter Hutterer2013-01-23
* | autogen.sh: Implement GNOME Build APIColin Walters2013-01-16
* | configure: Drop AM_MAINTAINER_MODEAdam Jackson2013-01-16
* Force a button if MT axes are present and it is not a gamepadMauro Carvalho Chehab2013-01-08
* Drop special XKB option handlingPeter Hutterer2013-01-08
* Localise XKB initializationPeter Hutterer2013-01-08
* If stat fails, pretend it's not a virtual devicePeter Hutterer2012-12-05
* Add missing mt axis labelsBenjamin Tissoires2012-11-30
* Use LogMessageVerbSigSafe if availablePeter Hutterer2012-08-10
* Fix broken ButtonMapping option (#53168)Peter Hutterer2012-08-08
* Link against libudevPeter Hutterer2012-08-07
* Don't delete the device on ENODEVPeter Hutterer2012-08-07
* Only use mtdev for multitouch devicesPeter Hutterer2012-07-27
* Don't re-open mtdev after PreInitPeter Hutterer2012-07-25
* Fix compilation warnings for non-multitouch buildsDaniel Stone2012-07-13
* Move axis labels into a separate header filePeter Hutterer2012-06-15
* Split initializing one axis label out into a helper functionPeter Hutterer2012-06-15
* Constify InputDriverRec->default_optionsPeter Hutterer2012-06-08
* Move duplicate check up before mtdev allocationPeter Hutterer2012-06-08
* Close the fd when mtdev open failsPeter Hutterer2012-06-08
* Release mtdev data whenever we close the fdPeter Hutterer2012-06-08
* strtol doesn't need a empty string, NULL is good enough.Peter Hutterer2012-06-08
* Use xf86IDrvMsg in emuMB.c instead of ErrorFPeter Hutterer2012-06-08
* Fix buffer overrun when populating axis label property arrayChase Douglas2012-06-07
* Report the correct number of touches for MT protocol B devicesChase Douglas2012-05-25
* Fix some obvious constness-related compile warnings.Marcin Slusarz2012-05-21
* Devices configured as mice need REL_X/YPeter Hutterer2012-05-01
* Fix inverted horizontal scroll (#46205)Peter Hutterer2012-03-16
* evdev 2.7.0xf86-input-evdev-2.7.0Peter Hutterer2012-03-07
* Only force REL_X/Y if no ABS_X/Y existsPeter Hutterer2012-01-26
* Copy last valuator values into new touch valuator masksChase Douglas2012-01-24
* Prefere relative axis labelling over absolute axis labellingPeter Hutterer2012-01-18
* Force x/y axes to exist on devices with any other axes (#44655)Peter Hutterer2012-01-17
* missing multitouch related define testsPete Beardmore2012-01-10
* Set the default resolution to 0Chase Douglas2012-01-06
* Remove unused udev.cPeter Hutterer2012-01-03
* configure.ac: Fix udev/libudev dependency.Cyril Brulebois2012-01-03