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dakkarallow listening on only HTTP or only HTTPSdakkar6 years
masterfix paramter parsing, more secure sslmationic6 years
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2015-10-03fix paramter parsing, more secure sslHEADmastermationic
2015-10-03gitgnore updatemationic
2015-10-03Adjustments for sqlite3 module (probably brakes mysql functionality). Added c...mationic
2012-02-20Add gitignoreRaphaël Barrois
2012-02-20Move OATH validation code to the 'crypto' module.Raphaël Barrois
2012-02-20RetabRaphaël Barrois
2012-02-20No need to copy/paste standard modules...Raphaël Barrois
2012-02-20Add some whitespace between lines.Raphaël Barrois
2012-02-20Minor cleanup (import, tabs)Raphaël Barrois
2012-02-20Add link README.rst -> READMERaphaël Barrois