A LEGO Tachikoma

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When I saw that a LEGO enthusiast had built a Tachikoma in LEGO, [*] I knew I had to build it for myself.

The Rebrickable page provides the parts list in the XML format used by Bricklink, so I did the obvious thing: set up an account on Bricklink and ordered all the parts (from 16 different sellers!). I'm not going to say how much it cost…

Building has not been easy: even with all the pictures, and the help of the LEGO Digital Designer (essentially, a CAD for bricks), it took me about 7 hours to put together the less than 900 pieces.

Was it worth it? See for yourself:

LEGO Tachikoma, from ahead LEGO Tachikoma, from behind

Also, a short movie of the model in action:


if you don't know what a Tachikoma is, Wikipedia can help

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