Diario - 12 Aug

Sarah's birthday; party with her schoolfriends. I went to Uni in the morning, had some problems getting in: there are number pads to enter the PIN, but: not all of them work, and you have to press * to light up the numbers, that are not in the usual position, but random.

read my mail, then arrived Markus, asking me if I wanted to climb Mt.Keira. I accepted, but as we were climbing (with Yukka, AhChung's son) I tought better of it: I had no interest in the mountain, and didn't feel like climbing. So I came back. I won the auction on the PCMCIA Linear Flash Ram card, will have to pay for it (92 DM for 10MB).

Back home, in the middle of the party, with at least 10 little girls shouting and screaming, oh my! I locked myself up in my room and started addressing the postcards.

The most notable present Sarah received: pregnant Barbie, with baby inside (can be brought out).

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