Il solito club di animazione

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The history

When I arrived to the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa I was just starting to know the world of japanese comics and animation, but thanks to other, much more expert, students I acquired a vastish knowledge of the field. But, it's known, time passes, and students go away: in the last year we are just two or three. To avoid that in the SNS the cult for japanese animation vanished, we started educating new students, creating an Anime Club, that because of our great fantasy for finding names is become known as il solito club di animazione (the same anime club), and is with this name that we headed every poster with which we announced a showing.

Showings were usually held Thursday night, about 9pm, at Collegio Carducci, via Turati 35, Pisa.

Since Collegio Carducci has been closed down for restructuring, showings have moved to Collegio Fermi, on Mondays. Then, after I got my degree, and many members moved to other places, the club has undergone a little restructuring.

We usually meet on Thursday, in the house of one of the members (not always the same, but still in Pisa). Planning happens on a mailing-list: if you're interested, you can write me and you'll be added to the list.

If you are in London, I'm trying to set up a similar gathering at my flat.


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