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mastertweaks to run on the new machinedakkar4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-09-27tweaks to run on the new machineHEADmasterdakkar
2014-10-18fix config loadingGianni Ceccarelli
2014-10-18really fix init scriptsGianni Ceccarelli
2014-10-18init script fixedGianni Ceccarelli
2014-10-18launcherGianni Ceccarelli
2014-10-18config fileGianni Ceccarelli
2014-05-30licence everything under AGPL-3Gianni Ceccarelli
2013-12-03::EV seems to leak timersGianni Ceccarelli
2013-12-03only load the template onceGianni Ceccarelli
2013-11-19trying to remove leaksGianni Ceccarelli