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+\node [draw,ultra thin,dotted,rectangle,minimum height=4.8cm,minimum width=7cm,outer sep=0,use as bounding box] (card) {};
+\node [anchor=north west,rotate=90] (itemtype) at (node cs:name=card,anchor=south west)
+ {#2};
+\node [anchor=north east,rotate=90] (itemowner) at (node cs:name=card,anchor=north west)
+ {#3};
+\node [anchor=south west,rotate=90] (itemweight) at (node cs:name=card,anchor=south east)
+ {#4};
+\node [anchor=south east,rotate=90] (itemprice) at (node cs:name=card,anchor=north east)
+ {#5};
+\node [anchor=north,rotate=90] (itemimage) at ($0.5*(node cs:name=itemtype,anchor=south west)+0.5*(node cs:name=itemowner,anchor=south east)$)
+ {\pgfuseimage{#1}};
+\node [anchor=north,inner sep=1mm,text width=4.6cm,rotate=90]
+ (itemname)
+ at (node cs:name=itemimage,anchor=south)
+ {#6};
+\node [anchor=south,inner sep=1mm,text width=4.6cm,rotate=90]
+ (itemdesc)
+ at ($0.5*(node cs:name=itemweight,anchor=north west)+0.5*(node cs:name=itemprice,anchor=north east)$)
+ {#7};
+\DDitem{empty}{Melee Weapon}{Necrist}{7lb}{18000MO}{Slodandar}{+1, Human Bane\\1d8+1, x3, Slashing\\Medium-size} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Ranged Weapon}{Necrist}{3lb}{2800MO}{Mighty (+4) Composite Longbow +1}{+1, Mighty +4\\1d8+1, x3, Piercing\\Range Increment: 110ft\\Large} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Shield}{Necrist}{5lb}{1165MO}{Buckler +1}{Armor Bonus: 2\\Armor Check Penalty: 0\\Arcane Spell Failure: 5\%} \\
+\DDitem{empty}{Light Armor}{Necrist}{15lb}{8350MO}{Mithral Breastplate +2}{Armor Bonus: 7\\Armor Check Penalty: -1\\Equivalent Load: Light\\Maximum Dexterity Bonus: 5\\Arcane Spell Failure: 15\%} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Ammunition}{Necrist}{3lb}{1MO}{Arrows (20)}{Destroyed on a hit and half times on a miss\\O O O O O\\O O O O O\\O O O O O\\O O O O O} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Divine Focus}{Necrist}{2lb}{-}{Vīner's Holy Symbol}{Sphere made of the exotic metal, Enthropium, that was solified while it was randomly circling in vortices\\More than 100\% elastic strength} \\
+\DDitem{empty}{Belt}{Necrist}{1lb}{9000MO}{Belt of Giant Strength +3}{Strength Enhancement Bonus: +3\\Permanent Wondrous Item\\Magic Slot: Belt} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Gloves}{Necrist}{-}{2200MO}{Glove of storing}{Permanent Wondrous Item\\Magic Slot: Gaunlets, Gloves\\Actually contains:\\ } &
+\DDitem{empty}{Headband}{Necrist}{-}{1000MO}{Headband of Wisdom +1}{Wisdom Enhancement Bonus: +1\\Permanent Wondrous Item\\Unusual Magic Slot\\Magic Slot: Hat, Headband, Helmet } \\
+\DDitem{empty}{Gloves}{Gruppo}{-}{4000MO}{Gloves of Dexterity +2}{Dexterity Enhancement Bonus: +2\\Permanent Wondrous Item\\Magic Slot: Gaunlets, Gloves} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Backpack}{Necrist}{5lb}{2000MO}{Heward's Handy Haversack}{Permanent Wondrous Item\\Consists of 3 extradimensional sacks: 80lb, 20lb, 20lb\\Retrieving is free action\\The sack and contained objects gains +2 resinstace bonus to all saving throws} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Necklace}{Necrist}{-}{?5000MO}{Necklace of Prayer Beads (Karma)}{Permanent Wondrous Item\\Magic Slot: Amulet, Brooch, Medallion, Necklace, Periapt, Scarab\\Once a day when activated the wearer can cast divine spells as if 4 level higher} \\
+\DDitem{empty}{Ring}{Necrist}{-}{?6000GP}{Ring of protection +2}{Deflection Bonus: +2\\Magic Slot: Ring} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Cloack}{Necrist}{1lb}{4000MO}{Cloak of Resistance +2}{Resistance Bonus: +2\\Permanent Wondrous Item\\Magic Slot: Cape, Cloack, Mantle} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Potion}{Necrist}{-}{300MO}{Potion of Levitate}{Allows to levitate for 2 min} \\
+\DDitem{empty}{Clothing}{Necrist}{5lb}{1MO}{Traveler's outfit}{} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Clothing}{Necrist}{5lb}{5MO}{Cleric's Vestments}{} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Book}{Necrist}{1lb}{-}{Grinvelgroth}{An extract from Monster Manual} \\
+\DDitem{empty}{Book}{Necrist}{-}{-}{Brainstorming Note}{When used gives +2 Circumstance Bonus on Skill checks that allow retry} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Item}{Necrist}{2lb}{-}{Silver Grate}{Allows user to create silver powder out of silver coins} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Gem}{Necrist}{-}{500MO}{Black Onyx Gem (10)}{Suitable for Animate Dead Spell\\O O O O O\\O O O O O} \\
+\DDitem{empty}{Focus}{Necrist}{10lb}{200MO}{Unholy water font}{Focus for Scrying Spell} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Item}{Necrist}{1lb}{1500MO}{Torch of Death Light}{If charged with negative energy grants darkvision within 20ft} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Item}{Necrist}{-}{2MO}{Tinderwig (2)}{Light fire immediatly to torches or oil} \\
+\DDitem{empty}{Item}{Necrist}{-}{-}{Candle (5)}{5ft radius light for 1 hour} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Item}{Necrist}{-}{-}{Chalk}{1 piece} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Item}{Necrist}{Up to 4lb}{1MO}{Waterskin}{May contain up to an half gallon } \\
+\DDitem{empty}{Item}{Necrist}{-}{8MO}{Ink and Paper}{Black ink, 1 oz and some sheets of paper} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Item}{Necrist}{-}{10MO}{Small Steel Mirror}{Polished mirror} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Item}{Necrist}{5lb}{-}{Bedroll}{} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Melee Weapon}{Necrist}{12lb}{18MO}{Scythe}{Normal\\2d4, x4, Piercing and Slashing\\Large} \\
+\DDitem{empty}{Wand}{Gruppo}{-}{750MO}{Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50)}{Each cast cures 1d8+1 hit points\\O O O O O O O O O O\\O O O O O O O O O O\\O O O O O O O O O O\\O O O O O O O O O O\\O O O O O O O O O O} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Wand}{Gruppo}{-}{450MO}{Wand of Silence (10)}{Each cast generates a 15ft-radius emanation of silence for 3 minutes\\O O O O O\\O O O O O} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Potion}{Gruppo}{-}{750MO}{Potion of Cure Serious Wounds}{Cures 3d8+5 hit points} \\
+\DDitem{empty}{Potion}{Gruppo}{-}{750MO}{Potion of Neutralise Poison}{Neutralise all poison in the body} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Potion}{Gruppo}{-}{300MO}{Potion of Wisdom}{Grants a 1d4+1 Enhancement bonus to Wisdom score for 3 hours} &
+\DDitem{empty}{Melee Weapon}{Gruppo}{?}{?}{Lolth's Claw}{Enhance Wearer's claws\\Powerful Cursed Magic Item} \\