Diario - 21 July

to Sydney! at North Wollongong station there's no indication as to which side the train for Sydney will stop at: luckily Markus told me. 1h40 travel to Sydney central. breakfast/lunch yum-cha in chinatown: waiters passing with trolleys, you choose what you want. don't know what I had, but it was good. seen sevral places for souvenirs: paddy market, Australian Geographic. Nice also the Aborigenal Art Gallery, but really expensive.

seen QueenVictoriaBuilding, the harbour, the bay, the bridge, the opera house (from the outside), the botanical garden. Seen also a comic shop (mostly american things) and 'AZone', like Animate in Jap, with prices similar to the ones you get in Italy: 2-3 times the Japanese ones.

The Opera House

dinner at a korean bbq, cooking things ourselves on a coal-powered grill at the center of the table. fixed price: $20.

returned quite late: I said I didn't know wheter I'd be home for dinner, I returned at 11pm.

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