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* fix position of mwatch & gkrells on restartsdakkar2015-07-08
* support focus-in-direction across screensdakkar2015-06-17
* actually load the /Screens menudakkar2015-06-04
* fix transient stylesdakkar2015-06-04
* give some space at the topdakkar2015-06-02
* update to fvwm-crystal 3.2.3dakkar2015-06-02
* allow windows to be placed over xpadGianni Ceccarelli2013-05-14
* update for newer fvwmdakkar2013-04-19
* update to newer fvwmdakkar2012-01-23
* remove 3px bordersGianni Ceccarelli2011-10-20
* indirect recipe invocationGianni Ceccarelli2011-05-16
* update single-screen recipeGianni Ceccarelli2010-10-12
* importing Crystal config into gitdakkar2009-08-13