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+ Maki Yamazaki's "Terran" font
+Idea by `Maki Yamazaki`_; `original reference picture`_ ⓒ 2020 Maki Yamazaki
+.. _`Maki Yamazaki`: http://makiyamazaki.com/
+.. _`original reference picture`: Terran_Abugida_with_romanization.png
+This is a very rough font for the Terran abugida; the idea is to show
+the correct glyphs for text written in the standard romanisation. The
+font uses ligatures to draw the various syllables.
+How to add glyphs
+Get `FontForge`_
+Open the ``terran.sfd`` directory
+Glyphs that are romanised as single latin letters go in the slots for
+the lowercase letters.
+Glyphs that are romanised as multiple latin letters:
+* "Encoding" → "Add encoding slots…" (create at least 1)
+* new slots appear at the end of the main window
+* for each new slot:
+ - right-click, "Glyph info…", a dialog will open
+ - for "Glyph name", type the romanisation (this is not really part
+ of the font, but it makes things easier to understand)
+ - click "Ligatures" on the left-hand side of the dialog
+ - click under "Subtable", on "<New Ligature>", and select "ligs-1"
+ - on that same row, click on the other column ("Source glyph names")
+ and type the letters of the romanisation, separated by space (the
+ glyphs for those letters must have been created already)
+Save (ctrl-S, or from the menu), then "File" → "Generate fonts…", keep
+all the defaults. If it complains of some validation problem, click
+"review", then for each red sentence, double-click on it, and keep
+clicking on "fix" until they're all gone. Then save and generate the
+font again.
+.. _`FontForge`: https://fontforge.org/